We welcome your inquiries, questions, suggestions and/or comments

regarding activities/programs that the Lions Club is involved with.


Contact list for the Taos Lions Club Officers and Program Coordinators:

President: Joanne Crass 575.779.1251  joannecrass@yahoo.com

2nd Vice President:  Open

Treasurer: Gary Oline, 575-751-7219, gjoline@taosnet.com

Secretary: Mike Rollheiser, 708.205.5845, srollhei@icloud.com

Membership Coordinator: Paul White, 802.779.5401, pmw1199@gmail.com

Kidsight Coordinators: Patti O'Connell  214.686.8434 taos.kidsight@gmail.com

Adult Vision: Andy Johnson, 575-776-1957, alfordjohnson@taosnet.com

Tio Vivo Coordinator: Wayne Rutherford 575.770.0180  wayne@taosdesignbuild.com

Scholarship Coordinator: Cindy Atkins 210.288.9336  catkins58@gmail.com

Toast of Taos Wine Festival & Golf Tournament Information: taoslions@gmail.com

Community Charities Coordinator: Pat Rutherford 575.644.8099  patwaynetaos@gmail.com

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 199, Taos, NM 87571